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​We grow our own Coffee, both Robusta and a type of Arabica in our 6 hectare land. Only the ripe berries are plucked and sorted to remove the bad-quality berries.


Thereafter the berries are sun-dried and pounded in the traditional way to remove the husk and cleaned again.The berries are then roasted in the traditional way on a hearth until they turn to dark brown - almost black in colour.


We now have a blend of Robusta and Arabica which is gaining in popularity.


A blender and sifter then convert the roasted beans into a fine powder.


The coffee is then immediately packed into glass bottles (Jam bottles re-used after cleaning and drying well).


The old-fashioned Italian Peculator is often used to cater to small numbers. 


Our coffee powder is suitable for Cappuccino and espresso. 


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