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​Our coffee is made from a variety of Robusta Beans, locally sourced from surrounding farmers (including our own land) and Arabica Beans which are grown in the highlands, on the outskirts of Ella. The flavour of Arabica and strength or Robusta are then hand-roasted to create a perfect blend of local coffee.  

The ripe (red berries) are harvested during November-December.  The surrounding farmers can often been seen picking the berries from our location during this period.

The berries are sun-dried and pounded in the traditional way to remove the husk and cleaned again. The beans are then roasted in the traditional way on a hearth until they turn to dark brown - almost black in colour. The ladies can often be seen doing this in our Kitchen. 


A blender and sifter then convert the roasted beans into a fine powder. A traditional Italian Peculator is then used to give you a perfect cup of coffee, cappuccino or expresso. 


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