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FAQs (Frequently asked Questions)


We are only 19 Km from the bustling hill-capital, Kandy (40 minutes) and about 120 Km from the airport/Colombo. Although this journey now takes about 4 hours on congested roads, with the opening of the highways in 2020, travel time will be reduced to 1,5 hours.


By car/tuk-tuk: Being on the Eastern side of Kandy, the road to take from Kandy is the A26 (Kandy-Mahiyangana) which starts from the Kandy lake, crosses the Mahaweli river, goes past the Pallekele international cricket stadium to Digana town and beyond. After passing Digana on the 14th Km post, turn left on the climb just before the 16thKm post at “Gonawala” junction.  After 250 meters, at the “Y” junction, turn right and proceed another 500 meters on “Elemalpotha” road to “Arambe Kade” with a large “P” indicating Parking and Polwaththa driver’s quarters. You will be brought up the steep climb to our Lodge in our jeep from there. The driver should call 07 24 28 71 50 or 07 14 23 66 77 at least 20 minutes before reaching us to arrange the pick up on time. Price idea from Kandy by car, Rs. 2.500,- and by tuk-tuk, Rs. 1.500,-


If coming from Sigiriya/Dambulla, take the Wattegama road, about 1 Km after Matale hospital. At Madawala bazaar, turn left to Digana where you enter and proceed the A26. Turn left on the 16th Km post on the A26 and follow the same instructions. In this way you avoid the heavy traffic leading to/from Kandy city and save up to 1 hour.


By bus: Take bus # 654 to Digana which starts from the bus station near the market by the railway crossing (200 meters from the train station). They leave every 10 minutes and takes about 40 minutes to reach Digana town which costs Rs. 40,- p.p. The (free) pick-up in our jeep or tuk-tuk is from the Digana petrol station, better known locally as the “shed”. Call 07 77 80 95 00 or 07 14 23 66 77 when leaving Kandy by bus.


The rainy season is usually from mid October to mid December and mid May to mid June but due to the changing global climate this can be difficult to predict. 

Temperatures range from 22C in the evenings and 26C in the day. We suggest bringing a jumper as it can be slightly chilly in the evenings. 


We prefer payment to be made in Sri Lankan Rupees (SLRs.) which you could obtain from the many ATM machines available nearby which accept debit or credit cards issued by most banks. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments at the property. 

We suggest contacting your bank prior to arriving in Sri Lanka to activate your credit/debit card to enable you obtain SLRs. from ATM machines in Sri Lanka.


Plenty of soft T-shirts and shorts - please understand that the Sri Lankan culture is very different to the West which promotes ladies to wear their shorts down to the knees and cover their bikinis with a T-shirt when bathing/swimming in public areas. 

We also suggest bringing walking shoes, a light rain jacket, swim wear and ofcourse rubber slippers.


Accommodation is provided for drivers at Rs. 1,000 per night including all meals. The accommodation is within the local village approx 1.5km from the Lodge. For more details please contact us.