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​These lodges are the first set of lodges built at Polwaththa. They are built from a variety of resources found on the land such as wood, clay and brick. The closest lodge to the restaurant and chill out area is the Wood Cabin at 30m and the furthest is the Upper Lake View Lodge which is 150m away, but offers great views and more privacy. 

The Wood Cabin.

1. Wood Cabin - The first to be built, in 2010. Perched high-up and made of wood with a large balcony, commonly called “Tarzan’s Tree-House” - 3 beds, jungle canopy (tree-top) view, 30 meters from the restaurant.

The Brick House

2. The Brick House - made of clay brick - baked at site, with veranda - 4 beds, jungle view, 50 meters from the restaurant.

The Parrot House

3. The Parrot House - named after the large number of parrots residing nearby is made of clay with a wooden balcony – 3 beds, jungle view, 90 meters from the restaurant.

Upper Lake View Cabana 5a & b

4. & 5a/b. Lower and Upper Lake View Lodges are built from clay and brick and are situated 125m from the restaurant. The Upper Lake View cabana has two adjoining rooms which is ideal for a family. They have great views of the Victoria Lake.

Interior of the standard lodges

The Inside layout of the the Standard lodges which can be offered as a double, twin, triple or quadruple option.


The bathroom of the standard lodges comes with a partially open shower and hot water


The balcony of the standard lodges give you views of the lake or surrounding forest

View of 5a & b and 4

Views from the Lower and Upper Lake View Lodges

Eleven & Twelve

Lodges 11 & 12; Our 2 newest additions are situated 10 metres from each other and 125m from the restaurant.


  • Private Balcony / Verandah 

  • En-suite bathroom

  • 1 torch per person 

  • 1 umbrella per person

  • Wardrobe

  • Towels and Bed linen

  • Pet-friendly accommodation


​The Corner Lodge, situated about 480 meters from the restaurant is 30 meters from the Victoria View Cabana but does not have a view of the lake. Instead, it is surrounded by newly planted trees and jungle. It also has a kitchenette and can sleep max 2 people. When taking the somewhat long walk to and from the restaurant on this jungle-path, you will be accompanied by a “guard”. Alternatively, you could have authentic Sri Lankan meals at our affiliated village home 150 meters away or even have them brought to your room for a nominal extra charge. When taking this room, you will be directly contributing US$ 15,- per night to the Forest Healing Project.

To book this lodge please contact us


Exterior of the Corner Lodge and surrounding area

Corner Lodge_interior

Interior of the Corner Lodge which can have 2 beds