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The lodges at Polwaththa are built from natural resources found on the land. This includes wood, mud and self made bricks. They are built by our very own villagers who play the integral role in the running of this project. 

There are 3 categories of lodges; budget, standard and deluxe cabanas. They all have an en-suite bathroom with a balcony or verandah. 

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The Victoria Lake is responsible for producing stunning views from your balcony.  However, not all our lodges have the same view so please check the descriptions under 'Lodges'


The Victoria Lake/Reservoir, built in the 1980s stores water for one of Sri Lanka's largest dams which supports the country's largest hydroelectric power stations. 

During the dry season the lake can dry up, leaving little or no water in certain areas but it is usually filled, especially during and after the rainy season. 

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