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  • ​80% of the staff are villagers from in and around our village.

  • Besides paying above-average wages and gratuities to our employees, a savings account is opened in their names to which a part of our profits is credited, based on performance.

  • Local staff and villagers consulted before embarking on new projects.

  • We encourage all visitors to plant a tree before leaving.

  • Educating the locals on the importance of preserving the forest and the pristine environment and making our visitors know of their contribution to this worthy cause by staying here.

  • Supporting nearby schools which face difficulties in obtaining state-funding for bare necessities.

  • Funding the poor/handicapped to pursue their studies and in a few cases….., to survive.

  • Funding community projects such rice cultivation, road improvements, etc

  • Buying barren lands of our neighbours for re-forestation through the Forest Healing Project (more details here)

  • Using natural building-material available in our lands for construction of Lodges etc.

  • Doing all our purchasing from local shops situated within 5 Km from us.

  • Growing and sourcing organic coffee from our own and surrounding lands. 

  • Waste Management; using food waste as compost, recycling and reusing plastic & glass.       

  • Use of solar panels for Hot Water

  • A community shop to develop local craft and provide financial support.

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